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Client Testimonials

For this blog, I thought I would include some of the client testimonials that I have received over this past year. I think they give you a good idea of how I work and what you can expect when you hire me to be your realtor.

“Over the years I have purchased seven homes, and by far Patrick McNamee was the best realtor that I have ever worked with. He was extremely knowledgable, hard working, helpful and courteous and made the entire buying process easy. I consider myself lucky to have hound him and plan to use him on all my future real estate transactions and recommend him to my friends in the future.”

- Rich Lapoint (Buyer Client) November, 2011

“I want to tell you about Patrick McNamee, and how helpful, informative and professional he was in helping us in our purchase of a co-op in Laguna Woods Village. Patrick always went the extra mile in providing us with his time, comps, and neighborhood information to help us with our purchase. With our many on-site visits, he was always positive, friendly and co-operative with information about the units. I consider him a great example of professionalism in this industry and tell you that he is a great representative for Century 21 Rainbow Realty.”

A new resident as of 2-26-13.
John McAllister (Buyer Client)

“Patrick is an exceptional professional. His attention to my needs, details, and negotiating skills made the expereince very easy. I plan on calling him again once I am ready to purchase a home.”

- Iris Stone (Home Seller Client)

???I am writing to thank you for your expeditious and conscientious assistance during our search for a suitable home for my dad in Laguna Woods. Your professionalism and extensive knowledge of the community made the entire process efficient, informative and truly enjoyable. I was very impressed, as I sat in the backseat (literally) and watched you ‘determine’ the evolving criteria from my father and then effectively eliminated properties that were not a suitable match. I really appreciate your diligent work, research, always preparedness and great attitude throughout. I do think we helped my dad choose an excellent home and he seems much more settled and comfortable now.???

- Doyle White (Buyer Client)

???Root canal or commissioned salesperson? Personally, I’d prefer the former, but a recent home selling experience with a Leisure World real estate agent may have altered my outlook. Not one for giving compliments, I must admit the sales experience, after a rough beginning, turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

The family recently had to sell my mother’s home, so I contacted the agent who originally sold my mother the house. No reply to either phone calls nor email. Nice…professional, I like that. So I contacted a relative of the “agent too busy to return phone calls” and she, most graciously I might add, went over to the house and reported amongst other negative comments, that the house was located in a noisy area, too close to Avenida Sevilla. Funny, I don’t remember being told that when we purchased the place from the “busy” agent.

I then asked my sister to search the web for another agent in the Leisure World area and suggest one. She found http://www.lagunawoodsre.com, so I made contact and knew immediately I was dealing with a professional real estate agent and not some retired resident of Leisure World who plies the real estate trade by day, solely to relieve boredom.

The agent, Mr. Pat McNamee of Century 21 Rainbow Realty, was informed the house was a “short sale” (a house sale for less than the mortgage amount with lender approval). I fully expected him to hang up when I said this as most agents seem to shy away from this type of sale, but he said “OK, let’s do it”. And he did. He got together all the individuals/organizations required to proceed with a short sale (mortgage lender, short sale specialization firm, PCM representatives and the family Trust attorney), found a buyer within one week of listing and closed the home in 30 days and on schedule. How many Leisure World agents would be able to accomplish this? Our family actually went through five agents before finding Mr. McNamee so we consider ourselves lucky.

Should anyone be interested in a real estate professional whose minimum efforts equate to 110%, then you now know how to contact same.

Oh, pardon me, I neglected to state that Mr. McNamee accomplished all of this from 8,000 miles away. You see, I live in Asia.???

– Dennis Scantlin (Home Seller Client)

Pampanga, Philippines

“I wanted to take a minute to tell you what a very favorable experience it has been working with Patrick. We had two properties managed by him with great renters, then we listed both properties with him, which he then sold. It was a worry free experience, as I live in the Seattle area. In fact I do not believe I could have managed this without Pat’s help. I consider him very knowledgeable about the market in Laguna Woods, and when some of the offers that came in were so low that it angered me. Pat calmed me down and explained the market and the comps to me, although it was still painful to sell the units at such a low price.

I would highly recommend Patrick to anyone looking to buy or sell property.”

– Barry L. Lichter, DPM (Home Seller client)

18 March
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