Age Requirement

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Age and Financial Requirements

Age Requirements

Only 1 member of the household needs to be 55+ years old or older

2nd household member may be 45+ years old or older

A spouse may be any age!

Attention Investors: You may still own property in L.W. if you are less than 55 years old, you just canít live there!


Financial Requirements for ownership in Laguna Woods Village

Please note that there are some exceptions and work-arounds regarding the requirements below. Please contact me directly to discuss your situation


1. Minimum Annual Income                                                     $36,000

2. Minimum Asset Requirement; Purchase price plus        $125,000


1. Minimum Annual Income                                                   $42,000

2. Minimum Asset Requirement. Purchase price plus        $125,000


1. Minimum Annual Income

    Monthly assessment of the manor plus $1,210. per month, for one occupant. Assessment increases for additional occupants. Actual assessments and requirements are based on the model style, and the number of persons who will be residing.

2. Minimum Asset Requirement ~ None

Acceptable assets are:

  • Equity in improved residential or income producing property.
  • Savings accounts in banks and credit unions.
  • Cash surrender value of life insurance IRA, SEP, 401(k) and Kelogh accounts]
  • US, State or Municipal government bonds -Valued at current market prices.
  • American traded investments, (NYSE, AMEX, OTC, NASDAQ, ETC) valued at current market prices.
  • Mortgages, promissory notes, provided interest is reported on buyer's tax return.

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