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Home Interview Sheet -
What Kind of Home are you looking for?

Please take a moment to fill out the quick entry form below to let me know what kind of home you are interested in looking at. If you are not quite sure, just fill in as much information as you can and I will take it from there! Please see my “Housing Styles” section (Click Here to View) to see the general different types of homes we have here in the Village.

After you have completed the form below, press the “Submit” button and leave everything else up to me! I will compile a report that matches your interest and price range! Feel free to call me if you have any questions regarding this form.

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How Many Bedrooms? 1 Bedroom
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How Many Bathrooms? 1 Bathroom
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Do you prefer a View? Yes
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Would you like a lower priced Fixer home, a medium priced property, or a Remodeled property? Or does not matter. Fixer
Medium Priced/ Condition Property
Remodeled Property
Does Not Matter

What is your price range?
If you know what Type of Home you are interested in, check the Radio Button: Cottage/ Villa Style
4x4 Style Home
Garden Villa Style Home
Traditional Condo w/ Garage
Rossmoor Towers
Do you need to sell your home in order to purchase in Laguna Woods Village? Yes
Does not matter
Is your present home currently for sale? Yes
How soon do you plan on purchasing in Laguna Woods? (If you like what you see upon viewing the homes) Right Now
Within the next Month
Within the next 3 months
Within the next Year
As soon as my present home sells
Within 2 Years
Any other comments for Patrick McNamee regarding the house you're looking for?

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