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Why are Home Prices so “unnaturally low”
in Laguna Woods Village?

People always ask me this question.  There are three logical reasons why prices could be lower in Laguna Woods Village (see below) but none of them are because the village is ‘sub-pare’ in anyway. My mom lived here for 20 years and I have seen that it’s a wonderful community filled with numerous amenities and genuinely nice people.  Common areas are expansive, landscaping is lush, and homes are spaced a lot farther apart than they are in some of these ‘newer’ communities.

Reason #1: Real Estate experts believe the prices are lower because Laguna Woods Village is a 55+ “senior” community and the fact that there are 12,000 homes in Laguna Woods. When someone dies, the kids can’t move in, so they must sell the home!  There is so much more supply than demand. There “loss” is your gain.


Attention Seniors: Only 1 member of the household needs to be 55+, 2nd household member may be 45+, a spouse may be any age!

Attention Investors: You may still own property in L.W. if you are less than 55, you just can’t live there.

Reason #2: Financial requirements to buy in Laguna Woods Village. Click here to view these requirements. Please note that there are some ‘work-arounds’ regarding these financial requirements.  Please ask me personally and I will guide you through this process.  The positive is if you do meet the financial requirements, you are assured of neighbors that are at least financially responsible individuals.  Isn’t this the kind of neighbor you would want? I honestly don’t know if these financial requirements help make Laguna Woods one of the “Top 10 Safest Cities in the Nation” (which it is), but it sure can’t hurt!

Reason #3: High Home Owner Association Dues per month.  Basic condo dues run about $530 per month and basic cooperative dues run at about $508 per month. Now I don’t think there are any negatives here.  When you see what is included you will think it is the deal of the century!

Included with HOA monthly dues for Condos:

  • Water service and trash collection
  • Free basic cable TV service
  • Common area landscaping and full-time crews of carpenters, plumbers, and painters handling all outside maintenance of condos including roofs.
  • Insurance coverage for structure exteriors.
  • Gate guarded community with manned gates and 24 hour private security patrol.
  • Free shuttle bus service for residents throughout the entire community and beyond.
  • $8 green fees (!) on the highly regarded 27 hole championship level golf course.
  • 7 clubhouses, 5 swimming pools, 2 golf courses, a horse riding stable, and over 200 clubs to join!

Included with HOA monthly dues for Cooperatives:

  • All of the above (!) Plus –
  • ALL INTERIOR MAINTENANCE OF THE COOPERATIVE! Let’s say your garbage disposal breaks. Just call the community services department and they will send a plumber out to fix it (or replace it) for free!   This includes all interior electric, plumbing, and kitchen appliances (as long as they have not been ‘upgraded’ to a brand the community service department does not cover). Wouldn’t this be perfect for “grandma”?  We think so!

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